• 产品名称:ONETEST - 30 series of air quality monitoring module

  • 产品型号:ONETEST - 30
  • 产品厂商:ONETEST
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Shenzhen Wan Yi technology research and development production ONETEST - 30 aq series air quality monitoring module is the air quality monitoring of choice ONETEST - 30 series of air quality monitoring module ONETEST - 30 series of air quality monitoring module
Product features:

1. Power supply DC12-24 v;

2. Carefully circuit hardware and software design, low fault rate and uninterrupted monitoring 24 hours a day.

3. The imported sensor signal processing chip and professional level, ensure accuracy of the sensor data.

4. Optional variety of pollutants monitoring factor, for household, working environment and provide monitoring public space.

5. RS485 communication standards, convenient and system integration and data transmission, more optional GPRS wireless communication

6. Aerodynamic cutter acquisition of PM2.5 and PM10 measurements, stable and reliable real-time sampling.

7. Optional GPRS wireless communication and cloud platform for real-time monitoring and alarm, support WeChat, SMS alarm function
Can grasp the environmental air quality in real time.
8, can connect the outdoor screen, parameters real-time updates.

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