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ONETEST - 100 multi-function PM2.5 dust concentration monitor is shenzhen Wan Yi technology co., LTD., based on many years of experience in instrument development and the combination of sensor technology at home and abroad research and development production of a high performance monitor dust, dust concentration monitor PM2.5 ONETEST - 100 dust concentration monitor USES the international advanced
1, the instrument's brief introduction:

ONETEST - 100 multi-function dust concentration monitor is shenzhen Wan Yi technology co., LTD., based on many years of experience in instrument development and in combination with the domestic and foreign dust sensor technology research and development production of a high performance monitor, USES the international advanced optical diffuse astigmatism type relative quality of PM2.5 and PM10 concentration determination principle of measurement environment, temperature, humidity, and possesses the characteristics of fast response time, easy to maintain, at the same time, the structure adopted the principle of aerodynamics, automatic real-time sampling, and suitable for online for a long time; , the realization of data, curve, automatic drawing, in order to facilitate analysis.

2, areas of application:

(1) the indoor environment and public open areas of PM2.5 particles concentration monitoring and control;

(2) the determination of PM2.5 of air environmental quality and evaluation;

(3) the health monitoring of PM2.5 dust;

(4) the industrial safety in production for PM. 25 dust monitoring and control;

(5) the determination of the safety of other occasions;

(6) dust with the findings of a study of environmental air quality;

(7) environmental governance, air purification efficiency evaluation;

(8) dust monitoring of other research areas;

3, features:

(1) can be customized range: 0-500 ug/m3 (PM2.5);

0-2000 ug/m3 (PM10);

(2) the temperature and humidity measurement at the same time;

(3) the stable time is short, about 1 minute;

(4) optical principle, active suction sampling, faster response time;

(5) structure considering the aerodynamic principle, automatic real-time sampling, can be used online for a long time;

(6) friendly design make maintenance more simple;

(7) meet the national ambient air quality standard and the WHO (WHO) air quality standards for particulate matter by numerical range test requirements.

4, the main parameter:

5, system composition:

By monitoring the host, GPRS launchers, cloud computing service platform, customers can easily using computer, tablet, mobile phone network terminal directly logging service platform observation data download, download data, curve variation; And by installing a large screen LED display receive GPRS receiver and display the data in real time.

6, test principle: (pictured)

(1) light source (gas laser, solid laser diode, high strength and light);

(2) light detection system;

(3) the sample flow system;

(4) the electronic counter;

(5) the general principle of the laser scattering particle particle counter measure;

7, display software is introduced:

System data and query software is set in a number of first-class engineer a multi-year results, has strong practicability, easy to operate, the advantages of real-time data is strong. Data query has multiple comparison way, with good contrast. Mainly divided into two areas: information query and management system.

(1) the multistation query: this function is mainly used for multiple devices for data query.

History (2) the query: query is mainly used to query devices one day or one hour data curve of the query.

(3) the curve analysis: curve analysis is used to analyze the elements of change, a time intervals can be drag on the curve.

(4) the site management: this function is used to add or change the site (optional).

(5) the map function: multiple sites can be in the form of maps reflect (optional)

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